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Nov 25, 2005

Land Use Experts Map Plan For New Orleans Rebuilding

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has issued a comprehensive plan for the rebuilding of New Orleans. In a public forum held recently, ULI recommended to the Bring New Orleans Back Commission that the city rebuild through, "a phased process that accommodates the immediate needs of its downsized population, and which poises the city for future growth..."

Mapping enthusiasts will definitely want to dowload ULI's powerpoint presentation. The Presentation allows the viewer to watch New Orleans, "grow" from 1722 to 2000 while it superimposes the growth of the city over T.S. Hardee's 1878 map of the city. Among the other interesting maps are a map of predicted land loss in the area through 2050, and wetland loss in the New Orleans prior to Katrina.

The plan is sure to be controversial. As the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports, the plan involves telling possibly thousands of residents that they cannot go back to their homes and neighborhoods.