GeoCarta Has Moved

Nov 6, 2005

Investigation Of USGS Move Continues

The Inspector General's office of the the Department of Interior is investigating a recent decision by the U.S. Geologoical Survey (USGS) to locate the National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) in Denver. The Rolla Daily News (RDN) quotes Paul D. Okerberg, special agent in charge of the Eastern Region, as saying, "Any time people are being displaced, we make sure proper procedures were followed.” The consolidation by USGS, which has been put on hold, would have closed centers in Rolla, Missouri, Reston, Virginia, and Menlo Park, California.

Downsizing the program to one location was part of a ultimate goal to determine if it is more efficient to outsource mapping duties. However, the choice of Denver for the center was questioned in light of documents showing internal committees and an independent consultant recommended Rolla for the mapping center.

More from the Rolla Daily News:

Many speculate that USGS Assistant Director Karen Siderelis had ulterior
motives when she made the decision to locate the NGTOC in Denver.

Two Denver employees, Dale Benson and Sandra Hoyle, told the RDN that it would be easier to get contractors to bid on USGS jobs in Denver. Siderelis has ties to partners that could benefit if USGS outsources duties.

“I think the end result for Karen Siderelis is to do away with federal employees and give the money away to her little friends,” Hoyle said in an October interview with the RDN.