GeoCarta Has Moved

Jul 17, 2008

Unpacking Continues

I've always hated moving. Actually, it's not the moving, it's the unpacking. I continue to unpack this blog at its new location.

Here's an update of posts you'll find at the new place:

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All the old posts can be found a the new blog site. If you've looking for new content, from now on it will be post at


Jul 2, 2008

Europe Opens Wallet for Galileo

The on again, off again global navigation system Galileo took a big step forward with the announcement by the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA) that that procurement of the nuts and bolts of the system is going forward. The goal is to have the planned 30 satellites as well as the ground control facilities up and running by 2013.

Doubt over the program's future arose over questions of who would help pay for it. Private companies balked at the high cost and questioned the necessity of another satellite navigation system. So last year the EC agreed to come up with the money.

Under the agreement the EC is the overall program manager and reserves contracting authority while the ESA acts as its procurement and design agent.

The move puts Europe back in the satellite navigation race against the U.S. the Russians, and possibly the Chinese. Currently only the U.S. has a fully operational global system.


Jul 1, 2008

GPS Block IIF Satellites Finish Environmental Tests

Environmental tests of the first of 12 Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellites have been successfully completed Boeing announced today. The series of acoustic tests were designed duplicate the high noise levels the occur during the spacecraft's launch. The firm reports that the first satellite will be delivered to the U.S. Air Force later this year. The IIF group of GPS satellites are an upgrade of the original GPS design and feature three civilian signals.

Back in May, Boeing’s bid to design and build the next generation GPS satellites known as GPS IIIA, was rejected by the U.S. Air Force in favor of a one submitted by rival Lockheed Martin. That contract could be worth up to $3.5 billion.


GeoCarta is Moving

With the beginning of a new month comes a move for GeoCarta. This blog has finally gotten a place of its own. It's not totally fixed up yet, but it is presentable enough for company to visit. So feel free to drop by.

All of the old posts have been moved to the new/old blog that is run on Wordpress. Posts to this Blogger account will continue for a while, along with gentle reminders of the move but the real action will be over here: