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Jun 30, 2008

Google Signs 5-Year Deal With Tele Atlas

Search engine giant Google has signed an agreement with Tele Atlas that gives Google access to the firm's maps it was announced today. The five year license grants Google access to Tele Atlas maps and dynamic content in more than 200 countries around the world. Financial terms were not announced.

The broad agreement will allow the internet behemoth to use Tele Atlas maps in all current and future map-based services and navigation offerings across mobile, online and desktop environments. The primary focus is use in Google Maps and Google Earth services and mobile applications such as Google Maps for Mobile. Tele Atlas will have access to edits for its maps from Google users, as well as suggested changes and upgrades.

Founded in 1984, Tele Atlas provides map coverage of more than 200 countries. The firm has approximately 2,500 cartographers working at offices in 24 countries.

Based in Mountain View, California, Google...well honestly, you know who they are.

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